The Best Cars For Uber And Lyft

How to get a car for Uber or Lyft Xchange, Uber’s popular rideshare leasing program, stopped leasing vehicles last month. Many drivers utilized Xchange because it was often the quickest way to get a vehicle for Uber. Drivers could also use the vehicle for Lyft, Amazon Flex, and other sharing services. Leasing through Xchange also […]

What’s The Best Car For Uber & Lyft?

To get those all-important 5-star ratings, rideshare drivers know that comfortable, clean, safe, well-appointed transportation is key. To make a profit, a vehicle’s affordability and fuel-efficiency are also top priorities. Using that criteria, the car-buying experts at have compiled a list of recommended best new cars for Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare drivers to […]

Lyft and Hyrecar are teaming up on rideshare rentals

Great news, you can now get a car to drive for Lyft through HyreCar. HyreCar is a peer to peer car sharing marketplace. A majority of the cars on the platform will come pre-certified for ridesharing thorugh Lyft. Hyre car will offer: Peer-to-peer car rentals for Lyft On-boarding through website and mobile app Flexible renting […]