Wonolo employers

The Employers Guide to Hiring on Wonolo

Wonolo is an app similar to Shiftgig or Gigwalk in that it allows individuals to pick up shifts on demand based on their schedule and skillset. This can be an excellent tool for businesses that need additional help throughout the year but aren’t ready to hire someone full-time.

In this guide, we’ll explain how Wonolo works and how it can help your business fill in the gaps when you need extra help. We’ll also provide you with the basics of how to find help on Wonolo and some tips for getting the most out of the app.

How Does Wonolo Work?

Wonolo promises to make on-demand staffing simple with an easy three-step process for employers. The employer or “requestor” can start posting a job in a matter of minutes:

  • The requestor creates and posts the job using a clear description.
  • The Wonoloer accepts the job when they are available and are the right fit for the job.
  • The Wonoler completes the job, and the requestor approves the job by giving the Wonoler a rating.

It’s that easy! Wonolo also takes care of all payment processing after the job has been approved. There are no employment contracts necessary. The Wonoler’s relationship to the employer is that of an independent contractor. After the shift is over and the work has been approved, there are no further agreements between the two.

Benefits of Using Wonolo for Your Business

There are many benefits to using Wonolo to hire temporary staff for your business. The platform is built around the principle of helping match employers with effective, on-demand workers qualified to help meet the business’ needs. While a temporary staffing agency may take time to find the right hire, Wonolo gives you access to a pool of pre-qualified, vetted, and reliable workers who are motivated to help your business with little notice.

Not only can Wonolo help find your business temporary staff quickly, but the app also boasts a 90% average fill rate for all positions, while traditional temporary and contract staffing companies have a fill rate averaging 34%. Additionally, Wonolo is cost-effective, costing business an average of 40% less than working with a staffing agency. Wonolo allows you to set the rates for each position, giving you more control over your budget.

All Wonoloers undergo a qualification process before they can start accepting shifts, which means companies can feel secure in knowing they are working with pre-screened and vetted workers. Every Wonoler must agree to Wonolo’s temporary worker contract, which outlines all worker expectations. They also must undergo a background check, tests, and screening calls.

How to Hire Temporary Workers on Wonolo

When you’re ready to start hiring temporary workers on Wonolo, the job posting process is pretty simple. First, you’ll need to work on your job description. The jobs that fill up quickly tend to have concise descriptions that include the following information:

  • Description of the company
  • Description of the main job tasks
  • Any preparation that’s required, such as reading material
  • Any specific job requirements, like dress code or knowledge of technology
  • Any tools required, like a smartphone or certain shoes or clothing
  • Logistical information, like how to find the building, who to contact on arrival, etc.

Once you have created a description for the job, you’ll need to decide on a pay rate. This is entirely up to you, but consider making the hourly pay rate competitive with market rates if you want a Wonoloer to accept the job. Once you’ve chosen a pay rate, you will post the job and wait for a Wonoloer to accept it.

Wonoloers only accept jobs they are available and qualified for. Once they accept the job, you can expect to see them on site for the specified shift. After you have found specific Wonoloers you like working with, you can add them to your Preferred Wonoloers list and invite them to more jobs in the future. If you find some Wonoloers that are not a good fit, you can also block them from seeing future ad postings in the app.

Wonolo Payments & Fees

Once the requestor has approved the Wonoloer’s job, Wonolo will pay the worker directly on the next day. Wonolo will charge the requestor’s card on file immediately after they have rated the Wonoloer’s performance, so it’s important that the requestor makes any necessary payment adjustments before approving the job.

Wonolo charges a 45% service fee, which is applied after the requestor has approved the job and rated the Wonoloer’s performance. Wonolo will send an invoice after job approval with both worker payment and service fee – both of which are charged immediately after approval.

Hints & Tips for Using Wonolo as a Requestor

Here are some additional tips for getting the most out of the Wonolo app as an employer:

  • If you want to get in touch with Wonoloers, use the in-app messenger. Once the worker has picked up the job, you’ll be able to see their profile page, including any pertinent contact information.
  • If you want to invite a specific Wonoloer to a job posting, click on the button “Preferred Wonoloers” at the bottom of the job posting page and click on the name of the Wonoloer you’d like to add to the list. After you click “Post Job,” the notification will be sent.
  • To save time, you can create teams of Wonoloers within your account, making it easy to invite them to a specific job opportunity later. Just add the team to the job before posting to notify them.
  • Be sure to choose your preferred method of receiving notifications so you don’t miss a message. In addition to in-app notifications, you can also get text and email notifications.

Overall, Wonolo is a great option for businesses who need to fill in the employment gaps during busy times of the year. Whether you need servers, event staff, cashiers, administrative personnel, or warehouse workers, you can find the temporary help you need on Wonolo.